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Atlanta Headshot Photographer





  Jason is a master in his element!  He was recommended to me by other professionals in my community.  I was amazed at how wonderful his head-shots captured the light and soul in the eyes, and the beauty and essence of each individual.  Jason took the time to understand the spirit I wanted to convey for my website, and had me feeling relaxed through the whole shoot.  Changing the lighting and the background and being spontaneously and fantastically creative in the moment is a true gift.  Jason has so much charisma and one of the warmest, most genuine personalities of anyone I've met.  It transcends through his work as he is able to capture the true you in a perfect shot, a perfect moment.  I highly recommend him as a photographer world's apart with his passion, expertise, and most importantly, his true dedication to you and your success.  It just takes a moment, and Jason has the talent to capture it on camera.  Speechless.  Just amazing.




Toni Shaw


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