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Why I love headshots!

Here is an example of what I do that make me A UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHER!
BELOW are examples from a "3 look shoot" WITH THE AMAZING Jenna Hawkins.  This is why I always give a variety of "BEST SHOTS" (About 10) from each look and why I like using different background to help tell the story!   Weather actor or not... we all have a story to tell and great images do that!!!

Here is just a bit of what i see in the images below to give each shot  it's own unique story and depth.  I worked with Jenna, during our shoot, to help bring these subtle different layers to life.

1st... Jenna in Black. I chose this darker industrial background to add flavor and edge to the character. Then, Just a bit of direction on my part allows her to transform from...

     1. FBI INVESTIGATOR /PSYCHO (Such depth here, she knows something and will enjoy getting it out of you.) 

     2. HBIC (She doesn't mess around and you don't want to push her.) 

     3. DETECTIVE (She's seen it all, weathered the storm and still crazy strong.)

     4. SEDUCER (she's in charge, sexy and strong with something up her sleeve.)


SO as an ACTOR... I want all of these images right...  Because they all tell a different story and i could use them all separately, when submitting myself for different roles.  Now as a photographer i would hate to make her choose only 1 or charge her more... just doesn't feel right.

2nd...  Jenna in hat. I went with a standard light grey/neutral background and two key lights to bring out the eyes. This makes it all about the face. Once again each shot has a unique story amongst this 1 look.


     1. Smiley happy commercial/ slice of life. Very real smile here.

     2. Possible criminal here, I get gangster/outlaw from this one.  The "I'll do what I have to."

     3. A hint of intrigue, the artist/musician/ BOHO/ the magician.

     4. This one is just so endearing and makes you fall in love with her sweetness.



3rd...A Rustic outdoor background, soft diffused light that brings out this whimsical earth goddess gypsy vibe.


     1. Soft, sweet and endearing.  You want to know her or feel like you already do.

      2. A bit more mystical with some " I see into your soul kinda power".

             I could have added a bunch more here... but you get the idea.

SO that's that, I LOVE helping you bring out the many layers of the stories we all have to tell. Let's do this!

Jenna Best Black 3(1 of 2)

Jenna Best Black 4

Jenna Best Black

Jenna Best Black2

Jenna Best hat having fun (1 of 1)

Jenna Best hat intense (1 of 1)

Jenna Best hat intense2 (1 of 1)

Jenna Best hat smile (1 of 1)

Jenna Best smile outside (1 of 1)

Jenna Best whimsical (1 of 1)