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Jason is a wizard with the camera - both technically and artistically. My wife and I were completely blown away by the amazing shots he took of our family and friends at our wedding in Costa Rica. The pictures take us back to the magic of the event every time we look at them - Jason captured the colors, energy, places and people so well. Apart from the dazzling pictures themselves, Jason is simply a BLAST to work with. He makes the whole picture-taking process so much fun and has everyone laughing and feeling relaxed. The experience was so great, that I've since worked with Jason on getting professional photos taken for my business, and even had him film me for a promotional video. Jason has delivered with energy and positivity every time, and the end results have exceeded all my expectations. Whatever the event or occasion, I just can't imagine you could find a better photographer... or a nicer guy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


“It may sound a tad over-confident, but Jason made my headshots look amazing! His professional demeanor coupled with his creative eye made working with him an absolutely success. Jason’s immense understanding of lighting, angles and body language made typically dull images dance with life. I would highly recommend Jason for any photographic project as his creative expertise surpasses anyone else that I’ve seen.”

​     JC Artistry (Jason) is not only a fantastic photographer who has the skills to make your photos exactly what you wanted (and more), but also has the personality to make your day perfect. We in particular used him for our wedding, where he went above and beyond our needs. When you are looking at your vendor list and wondering if any of them are going to be a disappointment, or not worth the money... you can breeze right over "photographer" if you go with JC Artistry. I recommend him to my friends, my family and everyone in between. He also provided us with the most amazing engagement photos - where we required him to venture out into the wilderness with us, deal with horses and tons of girls... he was a trooper every minute. There are no words I can put in this box to communicate to you how great he is, so call yourself!

   And his amazing wife Chris Anne, did my makeup, what a team...

   Thank you guys soooo much for an amazing wedding day,

Karie S.

     I have known Jason for several years, and had heard countless stories and examples from trusted friends and clients about how great he was to work with. So when my wife and I decided to retake our wedding photos (after 3 years of hearing her complain about how much she hating the photographer that we used during the wedding), Jason was the guy I knew I needed to call!  
     He spent an entire Saturday with us, traveling through numerous sites across the Denver/Metro area and surrounding foothills. He was constantly coming up with great ideas for poses, lighting ideas, and ways to keep the atmosphere light and fun.  My wife had never met Jason before that day, and he made her feel immediately comfortable because his general demeanor and professionalism is unmatched.
     Finally-  and most importantly, Jason may be great and fun guy to hang out with, but his photography skills are fantastic.  The final results of the photos were fantastic, and my wife now has the wedding photos she always wanted!
     I have also used Jason for my business and modeling head shots, and have been thoroughly impressed with each experience and finished product.

I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for a fun non-stressful photo-shoot experience, and you will also receive high-quality professional photos as the finished product!

Matt Leigh

     I found Jason through Groupon last summer. We used him for our engagement photos that were taken at his house. They turned out excellent. He has a great backyard with plenty of spots for photo ops. He also has his own studio in the back too. Our pictures were breath breath taking that we asked him to photograph our wedding which was in Cabo last November.
     Our pictures form the wedding were amazing. From the rehearsal dinner the night before at the restaurant facing the ocean, to breakfast the next morning with the whole wedding party to the actual wedding was AMAZING. He made the whole wedding party feel at ease. I would have never asked him to come for 5 days to Cabo if I didn't have all trust in him. He exceeded all our expectations.

     I can't say enough good things about him and his great wife too. I highly recommend him and I know he will go out of his way to make sure your pictures are great. He is the BEST!

Jason Coviello is the most talented photographer I have ever met. He photographed my wedding and it was one of the greatest experiences on the most memorable day of my life. His charisma, yet calming nature provided the stress-free environment I needed for this event. He genuinely and sincerely took an interest in what I wanted to capture and worked effortlessly to provide me with an outstanding set of photographs. I still have guests that ask me who my photographer was because he was so engaging, professional and fun. The quality of his photographs are unparalleled. His creative abilities caught the most memorable events of the evening perfectly, along with artistic poses that made our photos out of the ordinary. I would hire him to photograph my next special event without question. Overall, he surpassed every expectation I had and brought the utmost professionalism and thoughtfulness to the best day of my life.   
Kevin Patterson, MSP, Training Administrator Apollo Group | Leadership and Coaching


     Jason is a true professional who cares deeply about what he does, and also about his clients and their experience. I had never been in front of the camera for a photo session until I met Jason. What a fabulous experience! He put me at ease with his expertise and caring manner, and produced head-shots and character photographs for me, that have enabled me to be looked at seriously, and hired for professional photo shoots. I am grateful for him and his incredible talent!


Thanks Jason,

  Chris Heriza

Jason is an amazing photographer and person!
This is the guy you want taking photos of you. Jason's eye behind the camera truly captures the zest of life that emanates from his photos.  

Jason's kind hearted, playful and excited way of being allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed while having some professional head shots taken for my business website and brochures.

Thank you so much Jason.
I appreciate you dearly.
Melissa C


     Jason Coviello's eye for photography is immediately apparent; just take a look at his breathtaking portfolio!  Jason has accumulated an exceptional skill level over the years, and serves as a mentor for other developing photographers: the sign of a true master. 

     Jason is able to connect with people and focus on the positive, which translates into capturing the essence and beauty of the subject he captures. For my recent head shot sitting, Jason was well-prepared, taking care of all the technical details - lighting, composure, lens selection - so when I showed up, he was ready to draw the best out of me for the shoot. 

     Jason isn't satisfied until he has captured pure magic. I would strongly recommend Jason Coviello and JC Artistry for your next photography need!"
Emily Alice, MS, Singer/Songwriter, Pianist and Management Consultant

Jason is an amazing artist, who is completely professional and he has a gift of making a great personal connection to everyone he works with.  His photos express the beauty with which he sees the world and everyone in it. From headshots to actions shots, he has a wonderful eye.
Sara Salazar Actor, Film Producer

     We had the opportunity to work with Jason during our annual company Christmas Party.  Even if I had never gotten the pictures - I still would have been more than happy.  Jason's friendly and outgoing personality made him the life of the party.  He brought people closer together; both literally and metaphorically.  His creative ideas and charisma made the event one to remember.  The pictures themselves were awesome.  The word awesome gets thrown around a lot these days, but his work truly is awe inspiring.  When you hire Jason, you're getting so much more than just pictures.  If you want the best, you know who to call.


     Kashen, Elite Legal Service.

     Jason did a professional shoot at our warehouse for an industry magazine.  The lighting in our warehouse was horrible but that didn't matter!  Jason made the photos for the magazine look amazing.  It was as if we were outside instead of a dark warehouse.  Highly recommend him for this type of work!
Photo of Dan S. Dan S.    Owner of Concert Group Logistics.

     I am new to the acting & print industry, and wanted to make sure I did the right level of research before selecting a photographer to take my headshots.  Thankfully, it paid off.  The first thing that struck me about Jason's work was the photography on his website, which is stunning. I ended up calling 7 photographers for my initial screen, and when I called Jason, we clicked right away.  He was really energetic, knowledgeable about the craft, and confident about getting quality images.  And the photo shoot didn't disappoint.  In the space of four hours, we captured nine different looks (both indoor & outdoor/lifestyle), and all of them came out great.  Working with Jason has allowed me to build my portfolio from scratch, and I feel more ready than ever to tackle the next audition.
     Kevin Vaishnav, Actor/Model


      The photography of Jason Coviello is stunning. His art, painting, photography and performance is that of a true, pure artist. He approaches every project with joy and intention. His headshots are as professional as I've seen in Los Angeles and I would recommend him to any performer. And of course it's not only the product. His process calms and reassures. It's tough to be in front of a camera, but he puts his clients at ease. Jason lives his life as an artist on so many levels. It's an honor to call him a colleague."     

     Samara Frame, Actor, Artist


     I’ve used Jason Coviello and JC Artistry for all my professional Company photos.  The photography he’s done for me and my associates is the most professional photography I’ve seen.  He does a great job making people feel comfortable and look great during the shoots and the actual pictures make my Company appear more professional to my clients.  Jason is very creative and real pleasure to work with!  I highly recommend Jason and JC Artistry for all your photographic needs.  

     Sam Wilson, Broker/Owner, The Wilson Group.


     Jason brings remarkable positive and open energy into his photography studio.  His comfortable and upbeat way brings out the essence and spark in his subjects.  All of his photographs demonstrate his eye for composition and world class lighting and camera skills.  More than his technical expertise,  Jason's ability to create a safe and creative space along with his way of bringing out the radiance in those he photographs, makes him the exceptional and gifted portrait photographer that he is. 

     Justin Spicer, Actor & Creative Director at Globeville Studios


     I've always felt awkward and uneasy when staring down the "barrel" of a camera and it always showed.  As a result I believed that I did not photograph well.  That is until Jason Coviello got behind the lens and Chris Anne Coviello did my makeup.  They brought out my inner self, made me feel confident and comfortable - totally at ease. I proudly use my head shot on my business cards, web site, posters, etc. and receive compliments all the time about what a great photo it is of me.

    Thank you JC Artistry!  Beth Mullin,  Meta Healing Touch


     Jason is a wonderful head-shot photographer, not just because he has a great eye, but also because he has a knack for making his subjects feel comfortable, and letting their personality shine in their photos.  I would recommend him highly to any actor looking for great headshots at a great price!

     Kathryn Gould,   Actor, Writer, Artist


     As a producer and professional actor for over 10 years I have yet to see work that equals Jason Coviello's.  His photography is exceptional and his creativity and professionalism is second to none. If you hire anyone else for your projects you are wasting time and money!  Bottom line... Be smart, have fun, work with Jason - He Rocks!

     Ryan J. Parker - Executive Producer of Backyard Genius

     I was very apprehensive about having my picture taken but Jason was able to make me feel at ease in front of the camera.  I am rarely happy with photos of myself.  Jason was able to capture me in a collection of images that I am proud to share both professionally and personally.

     Bravo Jason! Suzy Schutz, Apis Business Solutions


     We knew we needed a professional photo done, however I was extremely nervous. I kept putting it off because " I always take a bad picture."  Jason did a great job of making me feel comfortable and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  Thank you Jason for a great group photo and our single ones as well.  I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants both great photos and a fun time. 

     Nancy Barnett,  Vice-President, Apis Business Solutions, LLC

     Jason is great to work with and fun to be around. His personality is very electric and catch-able. He’s very dependable and someone you should definitely hire if in need of a photographer.  

     Andrea Hall, Lawyer

     Owning my own business in the health and wellness field, a clear and professional head shot was a must for my business. Jason educated me on exactly the kind of photographs I needed: clear, clean, well lit, professional, non-intimidating. He totally delivered. My head-shot is the cornerstone of my website, the way people connect with me before they even meet me. Although I was nervous and a little shy during the shoot, Jason made me feel confident and comfortable. He got me to laugh and have a good time and my pictures look all the more natural for it!  His wife, Chris Anne Coviello even did my makeup, she’s great!   

     Allison Benner, Yoga instructor and Certified Rolfer, Co-Founder Highlands Wellness Center

     Jason Coviello has a keen eye for contrast and interest , as well as working knowledge of what specifics are expected for the type of project being created.  Mr. Coviello is a renaissance man in the truest of ways, meaning he believes everything can be born again. I have had the great pleasure of working with this rare talent on several occasions and would recommend him to anyone whether it be for his stunning perspective in photography, his courage and commitment to performance, his pure professionalism as an independent contract painter, or anything he attempts for that matter. 

March 16, 2010 
      J. Michael Weiss, Actor and Stuntman, Asgard Entertainment

     Jason has a fantastic eye when it comes to finding the right shot. He is consistently driven, and I will enjoy working with him again in the future. 

     Darius Ellis, Actor




     Jason Coviello is an amazing photographer.  He knows how to pose his subject in a flattering way.  When lighting the subject he uses background color to enhance the image and minimize the subject’s flaws.  (Better than Botox!)  Perhaps best of all, Jason is a treat to work with.  He makes the process fun.  You can see results right there with his digital camera and laugh at the bad ones so that you quickly get a good one.  I have used my photo on business materials and on my website.  It always gets favorable comments.  I’m delighted that I had someone who cares about his work and cares about my image take my business photo. 

Thank you Jason!
     Carol High, Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

     Jason is an exceptionally talented photographer.  His attention to detail and subtle nuances are remarkable. He understands lighting and effect and knows just how to bring out the best in his clients. He made me feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot which I believe added to the quality of the portraits. I can honestly say the head shots he took of me were the best photos I have ever had taken. I was extremely pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone desiring a professionally taken photograph. I really didn't believe I could look so good!

Thanks Jason. 

     Jeffrey S. Messer, The Entrepreneur's Source

     Jason came to my business, Optique of Denver, to take a professional picture of me for my web site.  I really enjoyed working with Jason.  He is very creative and I love the results of his creativity.   The result of the photo shoot was beyond my expectations.   He used the light fixtures to create a beautiful atmosphere in my business I would recommend Jason to any and all.   He is fantastic, fun and caring. 


     Madeleine Kruhsberg, Optique of Denver 




     Jason was great to work with as a headshot photographer. He took time to get all of the looks that I wanted and took thousands of shots - literally. He made sure I was satisfied and had all the shots I wanted before we wrapped for the day. He is a joy to work with - reliable, trustworthy and professional - there's no waiting or extra charge for digital copies, and he had touched up shots done for me within a day of choosing which ones I wanted." Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity. 

     Jennifer Summers, Actor

     I have worked with Jason Coviello on over fifty photography projects including weddings, headshots, nature and other general event photography during my tenure as the Director of Operations and Photographer at the Colorado Medical Society. I used Jason often as a creative consultant on many different projects for his ability to identify with any type of genre or demographic. Not only does he have the best camera, studio and mobile studio equipment, he works with a powerful air of professionalism and has genuine respect for his clients and their comfort ability. As soon as I come into contact with Jason, I felt at ease...he welcomed me with an authentic smile and a kindness that made me feel excited and at ease, which definitely came through on the camera. He is the only photographer I will personally use for my head-shots.  I would recommend Jason to my closest friends and even my grandma. 
     Greg Maloney, Actor, Web Designer and Photographer

     Jason is a phenomenal artist and has a keen eye to capture life and love on film. He is one of the hardest working individuals one may work with and is an inspiration of positive energy. His expert photographs are wonderful conversation pieces and perfect to display at home or business. You will not be disappointed w/ Jason and JCartistry." 

     Erin heard, Creator

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