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Hello High School Seniors & parents, 

     Here is a little something to know...   I believe the true value, besides capturing an amazing moment, ​is in giving you your best high-resolution digital images, The BEST SHOTS, so you can print them whenever and wherever you want.  That said, ​I do not offer prints with any of my 4 custom packages.       

  ***BEST SHOTS have been fully edited to make you look as awesome as possible***

​ALSO...  You can have any of your Best Shots turned into a Glamor Shot, This  means I run the picture through an advanced airbrushing software and you come out looking ready for the cover of a magazine.  Click on the "Check out Glamor Shot Samples" button below the picture to see before and after shots.

(Price is $50 per photo.)​

Makeup, applied by my amazing makeup-artist wife Chris Anne,  can be added to any session for an additional $60.


You can add a look to any package for $100 per look.

The one look wonder plus 1=$450


The Complete Package=  $1,200

​     This is the most popular package as you get the absolute most for your money.   In this 2-4 hour session you get 6 different looks/outfits. 

     We shoot in a variety of indoor/studio and outdoor locations.  We even make a trip to some cool downtown or scenic mountain locations that we conspire on together.

     I shoot around 1000 pictures and you get about 100 high res ​ Best Shots, delivered on a Drop Box. And here's the great news... you can do what you like with them, they are yours, no extra charge.

PLUS you get 6 "Glamour Shots"  (one for each different look.) 


Something Special =$600 

​   This is the perfect package for someone wanting a little variety, but not quite "The Complete Package."  In this 1-2 hr session you get 4 different looks/outfits and we shoot both indoor/outdoor (at the studio as well as some local Stapleton parks and locations.)   Sorry no field trip excursions with this one.  
     As with all my packages you get a Drop Box of all your High res Best Images .
The One look wonder=$350
     This is for those just needing one really good shot. (we'll spend about a half hour in the studio and take close to 100 pictures.)  Of those 100 you are guaranteed to leave with at least one awesome yearbook shot. 
      As with all my packages you get a Drop Box of all your High RES Best Images .

***Please keep in mind that I have a 24 hr cancellation policy with all sessions.  If I am not informed of a reschedule or your need to cancel, at-least  24hrs before our session, you will be charged half the price of the package.***

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